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Fashion Faux Pas
The Fashion Cop Returns

Man wearing two pairs of jeans

Two pairs of jeans. At once!

Ripped jeans in the back

This guy should borrow one of those pairs of jeans

Too tight jeans

She may need to borrow a pair if these explode

Fashion faux pas

Her jeans aren't her biggest fashion issue

Camoflauge shorts

These shorts don't camoflauge enough

shorts with crack showing

Neither do these shorts or ripped shirt

Weight Watchers(R)

Shorts showing butt crack

Probably not good office attire

Gold outfit

At least she is covered up - in gold - but covered

Dr. Sanford Siegal's COOKIE DIET™

fashion cop couple

A fashionable young lady

t-shirt fashion faux pas

Who put that sign on her back?

beaver hair

Maybe use some conditioner?

back fat

Yes, that is her back

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