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Hot Date Do's and Don'ts
Dating Tips

When the temperature outside is hot, singles can create sparks using these heatwave dating dos and doníts. First dates are hard enough, and now singles need to be even more creative when planning summer dates in a heatwave.

Find romance in the humidity with these new heatwave do's and don'ts from dating expert Liz Kelly. These hot tips are based on surveys and dating blooper stories in Kelly's new book, Smart Man Hunting: A Fast-Track Dating Guide for Finding Mr. Right.

Kelly explains, "Most first dates are disasters because of the fear of the unknown. Singles can reduce the fear by planning smarter summer dates." After interviewing thousands of singles, Kelly announces first date advice tips for the final days of summer.

Heatwave first date do's

1. Order smoothies over lattes -- Kelly recommends planning first dates at Jamba Juice over Starbucks. A cool, frosty smoothie will put both daters in a much better mood.

2. Have a blast at a water park -- Because first dates should focus on fun, Kelly advises singles with a sense of adventure to plan a water park date. Kelly adds, "You'll find out quickly if your sense of humor clicks or clashes with each splash."

3. Plan after-dark dates -- Don't even think about an afternoon date in the mid-day August heat. Kelly explains, "Your best bet is to wait until the concrete starts to cool on the streets. After-dark dates will increase your chances of passing the First Date Kiss Test."

4. Control your AC at Drive-in theaters -- Singles are heading to drive-in theaters for fun and climate-controlled dates. Kelly explains, "Hop in the car, crank up the AC, and plan a romantic night at a drive-in. Take the scenic route, and pack the champagne and strawberries in the picnic basket."

Heatwave first date don'ts

1. Don't Spice Up your Menu -- Spicy Indian food or Mexican chili peppers will only add heat to your already hot date. Singles may find themselves sweating up a storm if they order the wrong dish on a first date. Kelly adds, "Save the spicy food dates for the fall."

2. Avoid Subway Travel -- Avoid subways and spring for valet parking during a heatwave. Kelly explains, "Because the hot air gets trapped and your hair goes flat, avoid going underground with a date at all costs in the summer."

3. Don't Change in Public -- Even if you are dripping in sweat, Kelly urges singles to keep clothing on at all times in public places (water park exceptions may apply). Kelly explains, "One of my coaching clients shared that when a first date changed shirts in the middle of a crowded Starbucks, it made her squirm." Kelly's advice in this case, "Say Next!"

4. Avoid sweaty shirts -- Forget about wearing the navy and black shirts that attract heat and highlight sweat. Kelly explains, "It will be much harder to detect nerves and first date sweat if singles wear light colors." She adds, "Buy ten white shirts for your summer dates."

Liz H. Kelly is a Dating Coach and Author of Smart Man Hunting: A Fast-Track Dating Guide for Finding Mr. Right, who helps singles boost their numbers, ego and odds of finding a perfect match.

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