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Remember there is no such thing as a stupid question, except the one you don't ask!

Beware of Valentine's Day e-mail greetings
Hints and tips to stay safe on Valentine's Day

Important notice from our Tech expert
April 2009

Many people have been lulled into a possibly false sense of security because nothing happened to their computer on April Foolís Day from the Conficker Worm. But there are still millions of people infected with Conficker who donít know it and nobody knows when it might act.

There is a very easy way to quickly see if Conficker is in your system.

Visit this website and depending on what pictures you see, you will be told if you are infected or not.

Good Luck

Daylight Saving Time Bug
Should I be concerned?

What the heck is a Podcast?
and why should I be interested?

Plain Text or HTML?
What to choose for an e-mail newsletter

Instant Messaging problems
Can't talk to all my friends

How to keep the Time & Date accurate
On your PC

New E-mail Dangers
Learn about Spoofing and Phishing

If I buy a laptop with "wireless" built-in
Can I get on the Internet from anywhere?

You send me
The useful Send To command

How to Stop Printing
Without turning off the printer

How to Print what's on the Screen
It's easy - give it a try

Windows XP - Home or Pro?
Which version to get

Handy Keyboard Shortcuts
For browsing the web

Print a folded booklet
In Microsoft Word

Don't lose those brilliant ideas.
Use scraps to save them.

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