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Lebron James and Real Heroes
by Amy Kenneley

Okay, he's gone.

The northeast Ohio area needs to rethink their priorities. Sure, there was money lost when THE CHOSEN ONE announced his moving to Miami. The news media can fill whole empty airwaves now with trash talk from everyone and anyone. We all get to say our piece.

Here's mine: First, it's a game! We say it but don't really believe it. What else would we talk about if not for sports and weather?

Perhaps real conversations about the meaning of life? Okay, we're not all philosophers, but let's get our priorities in order.

As far as history goes, The Great One or whomever or however he or the media styled him, is a blip in the continuum of life. Not even a blip. A millibump. Friends, there really is a Bigger Picture.

Secondly, in my own personal lexicon, The Chosen One, The Great One and The King is someone else-need I say more?

Thirdly-Let us look around for more everyday kind of heroes. Real Heroes, not media-crowned or self-crowned ones. People like men who marry their children's mothers. Women who pull their families through terrible times. Families who work together for the betterment of their neighborhoods, charities, and other worthwhile efforts-not ones who finagle a pair of autographed shoes.

Yes, the everyday heroes who step into danger, work for good, daily do their best. These people don't get their names in headlines, have their every mumble followed by the media.

Heroes. And Heroines. The best of humanity's efforts. May I humble nominate some heroes often forgotten in the news blitz of James?

I nominate men and women like our son, who puts on 60-80 pounds of armor in 105 degree heat with no air-conditioned court to offer comfort. Add daily real danger, pay not commensurate with that danger, and put all that into the mix of Iraq or Afghanistan's messy politics. Not to mention the US messy politics.

Heroes. Yes, and they didn't leave their posts for cushier teams. They are real teammates for one another.

You only have to look at the many American flags fluttering at cemeteries all over the world to know how many Real Heroes there are. - the home of professional expert advice and  information for women and their family

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