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Spring 2011 Fashions for
Cleveland Women

  • Color, Color, Color. Every color is big this year. There are lots of shades of green, lilac, pink, grey, blue, red, and brown. It seems that no color has been left out.
  • You'll see a lot of very feminine styles: ruffles, lace, soft materials, girly decorations, prints, sparkle and shine. Mid-calf and ankle length flowing skirts, dresses are everywhere. Yes, long is in this spring. Long skirts, dresses and even sweaters.
  • I always thought chambray was a type of blue in soft denim. Well now we have it in colors - grey, pink , soft yellow and, of course, blue.
  • Remember the girdle? We modern woman would not be caught dead in them. We are too free. Have you seen Spanx and their imitators? These wonderworkers not only hold in the tummy but they have them starting under the chin (neck) down the whole body. I doubt we have any part that they won't hold in. Most of them have me wondering if the wearers dare to eat or drink while wearing them. Enough said.
  • Animal prints are still very strong. Snake and croco imitations in all colors are very popular in handbags, shoes, watch bands and jackets. Patterns that resemble animal prints with the designer's interpretation are also popular as are geometric prints.
  • Even though feminine is popular there is also the tailored touch of men's wear including jackets and big shirts. Not quite boyfriend jackets, but tailored.
  • Navy is everywhere and navy often means The Nautical look. Cargo pants are back and very popular. I don't see them ever going away.
  • It's hard to pin down shoes this year. They are all over the place. This is the year to get your ballerinas, or ballet slippers. But it is also the year for platform so high anyone can be tall! The foot and ankle is caged in with straps and ties. The heels are so high they make what we used to call high heels look like training shoes. Shoes are works of art: all colors, cut outs and open toes. Of course the summer sandal and slip ons are still popular. Crocs are still out there and have increased their style and colors.
  • Trousers no longer just start at the waist. Some start below the navel. Some are a few inches above the "natural" waist. Anything goes with the length too. Short shorts to crop pants to dragging on the floor are all popular. You get to decide your own width as well. Wide legs, skinny jeans, tight leggings, they're all out there this fashion season.
  • Accessories are still very important. Gold is very expensive and silver is catching up. Personally I find it hard to tell the real stuff from the imitation. A lot of necklaces are on cords and rings and bracelets on stretch materials. There are a lot of long chains and a relatively new trend - the bib necklace is all the rage. Like the clothes , all colors of beads and embellishments are popular. However, blouses and tees have so much decoration on top they do not require necklaces. Still, the necklace that seems to be most popular now are the long ones.
  • Summer scarfs are popular; they are light weight, of course, very soft and most very sheer.
  • To my surprise large rings are still very popular, since they made it through the winter I expect they to be around for a while. Long decorative earrings are still in style.
I'm sure you will agree on some and disagree on others of my takes, but we fashion buffs will have fun talking about and even wearing many of them.

Remember nothing is for everyone. Be your own fashion guru. You are unique.

Your stylist fashion wannabe,

ClevelandWomen.com fashion advice for women and girls in Cleveland and beyond


Posted March 4, 2011

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