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Ask Cathy
Needs a Career but not the College type

Q. Dear Cathy,

I am not the college type. Are there any professions, not jobs, for people like me who are looking for a career with a secure outlook?

It certainly does not take very long to discover that technology certifications are an amazing part of a strong, professional future.

Every single business, not-for-profit entity and government organization is driven by a technology infrastructure. Every area of our economy requires robust technology solutions.

Young people should obtain as many pertinent technology certifications as possible, and assemble them in a bag of skill sets relevant to today's demanding business world. In so doing, they become an indispensable as a technology solutions provider in the business world and will be a valuable contributor to the human capital of an organization.

While many business managers scale back on extraneous expenses during tough economic times, they simply cannot allow their technology to fail or become obsolete. Many corporate entities rely on cutting-edge technology solutions on a daily basis to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Therefore, if you are not the college type, look for an IT-based career, possibly in the rising field of healthcare, but enrich yourself with many educational opportunities found off-campus.

With blessings for your future,

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