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Career Information for
Women in Technology

Meet Debbie Christofferson
Our experienced expert

Listen to a free audio interview with Debbie.

Green Tech Job Revolution
Green Tech Job Opportunities - by Debbie Christofferson

How to Get on a Board
And why you would want to - by Debbie Christofferson

Lessons We Can Learn From Sarah Palin
No matter what your politics - by Debbie Christofferson

6 Mistakes that will Cost You the Interview and the Job
Mistakes guaranteed to hold you back in your job search

Stay Positive and control inner anger
The First Steps to overcoming Negativity

Getting Past Failure
When Debbie "made" her boss break his arm.

Creating a More Powerful Voice
Just because you're talking doesn't mean anyone is listening

Power up your Resume
Solid approach and tips to landing that position

How to Recruit and Retain Women in IT
Debbie explains why business needs females

Entrepreneur 101: Starting and Running a Profitable Business
Expert Interview with Susan Ratliff - Part 2

Entrepreneur 101: Starting and Running a Profitable Business
Expert Interview with Susan Ratliff - Part 1

Your Career in the Red-Hot IT Health Field
Expert Interview with Carol LeMaster

Shut Up and Talk
Speak to Sell Yourself in Your Career, Business and Life

How to Land a Security Role
Planning Your Security Career

Finding Hot Jobs in Technical Writing
Examples, Skills and Opportunities

Dressing for Success
Does Appearance matter?

Going to the Top
Lessons from Hillary Clinton

Where are all the Women?
Debbie says 'We should be moving to the front of the bus, but our numbers aren't growing.'

Finding Hot Job Opportunities in Biotechnology
The 21st Century is the Bio Century

Compete With Yourself
and Not Other Women

Is Tech-Talk Stalling Your Career?
Your communication may be holding you back.

Planning Your Security Career
How to Land a Security Role

H1B Visas
Lock Out US Technology Workers

Competitive Intelligence Job Primer
CI offers a variety of lucrative career fields

Increase Your Competitive Advantage

Building Your Field of Dreams

Investing in Training and Development
Growing Your Career by Debbie Christofferson

Tech and Career Trends for Women
Introductory Column by Debbie Christofferson

Break through the Glass ceiling with advice from ClevelandWomen.com

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Debbie Christofferson

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